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Budy Board to Set Expectations

At the time of Onboarding, even during a simple sale transaction, the alignment of the expectations is very critical for the success of the relationship. Few Examples of the date of the expectations are.  
Date of Delivery- We tend to deliver on the commitment date in the sales order. Please don’t expect for the delivery prior to the commitment date.
Delivery Mode – Usually our trucks leave from our warehouse at 4 PM, if you are in this 100KM radius you receive products before 10 AM the next day. If you want to preplan your receiving of products, please reach out to us before delivery schedule, so our warehouse co-Ordinator can manage it for you. You can reach our logistics co-ordinator at this email XXXXX or phoneXXXX
Payment Terms – Vendors can expect the payments before due date, if you are giving us cash discounts .Our accounting team can be reached at...

There can be a customer process, which you want to share with the customers and also other expectations that needs to be shared. You can use this tool and share all of it during your onboarding request. You can also use it share the change in terms or change in processes. All this can be done very easily with few templates and process changes.

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