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Collection made easier

Your chase for customer collection ENDS here!

Budy Collect
Budy Collect lets your team collect payments without any hushes and hassles. We go an extra mile and gurantee reduction in collection cycle. Find How?
Why use Budy

Today, do you

We cover everything you need, PRODUCT + AGENT

Features at a glance

Payment Reminders
Collection Attempts with Notes History
Targets Vs Actuals
Customer Rating & Collection Agent Rating
Set Collection Targets
Intimate Employees Target through Mobile App
Integrations with all products in the market (not just one)
Tracking & Resolving Disputes
Team would know the notional interest
Cash Flow Forecasting
Engage our Collection Supervisor for improved collection – AR as a Service
Seamless Integration


Simple. Super Productive. Straightforward.
Upto 10 Users
$302500Upto 10 users / Month
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  • 1 User
  • Files for ERP Upload
  • Up to 5000 invoices
  • Budy Branding Templates
  • Budy Email for SMTP
Upto 30 Users
Inventing new ways
$605000Upto 30 users / Month
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Everything in Free, plus

  • 1-20 Users
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Integration
  • Custom Branding
  • Customized Alert Setups
  • Interactive Dashboard
Upto 50 Users
Inventing new ways
$907500Upto 50 users / Month
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Everything in Essential, plus

  • 20-50 Users
  • Set Targets
  • Company Ratings
  • Employee Ratings

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Enterprise Version

Enterprise version

(Above 50 users)

Get in touch with us to know more about the the Budy Collect Enterprise for large organizations

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Are your teams tired of chasing collections? Well, we can do that chasing for you if you'd like. Get in touch to hire a collection agent along with Budy Collect

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Frequently asked questions

What is Budy Collect? How does it help my business?
Budy Collect is a payment collection application specially designed for your team to understand your collection cycle and reduce the same by efficiently managing the process of payments.
What are the basic features that would help my team collect payments faster?
Features like follow-ups, reminders, target vs actual via mobile application helps your team effectively organize their payment collections on the go.
How will this benefit the management team?
Budy Collect gives the management an exact data count of collection receivables forecast, aging of payments by each customer and their interest rate, which employee is good at collections and also target vs actual met for each period.
Is the free for lifetime or just a trail version for free?
Yes, it is a complete free for lifetime application. It is designed especially for all small and medium businesses who face repeated payment collection issues.

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