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Use case

Budy Board for ERP Implementation

Customer and Vendor Master Data gathering is one of most key activity in any ERP Implementation. Mutiple departments are engaged to collect the data and take ownership of certain data points. For Example- Customer Data is managed by the sales team, Vendor Data is managed by the purchase teams, Fiscal data for both customer and Vendors are managed by the accounts team. Various processes are also driven with these data points. An incomplete master data will create a lot of chaos during go-live.
With just one Email, Budy board will ensure your business partner fills in all the data required for ERP
The additional internal data needed for ERP can also be managed in the tool and exported as a report.
Budy board will ensure completeness of data against each request.
You will be also able to track the customers / vendors data, which is not complete from the tool, so you can plan the next steps for the data gathering.

Budy Board will help with your data collection process and will play a vital role in the completeness of data.

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