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Budy Board For Onboarding

Your usual process of getting the customers or your vendors filling out a form sent through email is tedious. Very often you miss out details in your email and your customer or vendor’s miss out some details in their response and results in exchange of multiple emails. With multiple emails in your inbox searching also become tedious. Onboarding has become a very slow and time-consuming process.
Budy board makes it easier to send all the required information in one click.
Prebuilt templates will help you consolidate all the needed information.
All your customer and vendor responses can be viewed a report.
Converts all the siloed processes into an effective process with a single tool
The customer and vendors data can be integrated into your ERP System.

You can define your own process and get all the data in a single report with regard to your vendors and customers. Budy Board helps you to manage a single process for onboarding your business partners and help maintain uniformity in onboarding process across organization. 

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